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About Me

I’m Sophia, learning HTML5CSS3, JavaJavaScript, Objective-C, UX design, and sharing what I learn with you.  I seek best practices to create clean code, or what I refer to as coding with good hygiene. Yes, I am a fan of showers too.  No stinky coding.

You won’t be learning the history of HTML5 here.  The focus of this site is to show you how, rather than why.  I highly recommend purchasing beginning development books on topics you are interested in as you go.  YouTube and Web sites like W3Schools are a great source for tutorials as well.

I’ll post examples and tutorials in my blog.  As you explore the site, I’ll also post explanations about what was done to create each page.  For example, this “About” page was created using WordPress and the free Hueman theme.  I’m using HostGator as my Web host.  As always, I appreciate feedback, and you can reach me through the contact page.  Happy coding!